North Korea, two key words : firmness and unity

North Korea - Remarks to the press by M. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 15 September 2017

"Our firmness today is our best tool to promote a political solution tomorrow." , François Delattre, 15 September 2017


A few words on the important consultations that we’re about to have on North Korea.

Three points :

Number one, the latest North Korean provocation, that France has strongly condemned, only confirms the extreme gravity of the threat. When I mention a threat, we, of course, have Japan in mind, in this case, and we feel very close to Japan and our Japanese friends. But as I said, the threat has gone from regional to global. This is a threat against all of us, including Europe.

Number two, against this backdrop, the two keywords today are firmness and unity. The Security Council needs to show firmness in a united way. We need to show there is a price to pay when it comes to violating deliberately the resolutions of the Security Council and the whole international community. Firmness means also firmness in terms of implementing the sanctions, so that the North Korean regime understands that its confrontation and provocation are reckless.

The third message I wanted to pass on to you today is to remind you of our deep belief that only a firm reaction of the Council can open the path towards a political solution to this crisis. That’s why we hope we can agree quickly on a firm reaction of the Council. Make no mistake about it, our firmness today is our best antidote to the risk of war, to the risk of confrontation. And our firmness today is our best tool to promote a political solution tomorrow.

Merci beaucoup.

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