North Korea has to bear the consequences of its acts

North Korea - Remarks to the press by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 9 September 2016

A few words on North Korea:

1) Make no mistake about it: this nuclear test is more than a grave provocation. It is a clear demonstration of a sustained, methodic and accelerated effort by North Korea to develop a nuclear and ballistic program, all this, needless to say in complete violation of Security Council resolutions. We are therefore confronted with a major challenge to the international non-proliferation regime which is itself a backbone of peace and security worldwide. And as such weakness is simply not an option. North Korea will have to bear the consequences of its acts and provocations.

2) That is why, we, as you know, condemned in the strongest terms this nuclear test, and it is also why we call today for a very quick and strong reaction of the Security Council. We hope there will be a strong statement released shortly after the meeting, that is one thing, but more importantly, we believe new sanctions are indispensable: implementation of the current sanctions, for sure, but also new sanctions. And this is why France calls for the adoption as soon as possible of a new resolution under chapter VII of the Charter. We look forward to working closely with our partners at the Security Council on this.

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