COVID19: launch of a global initiative on diagnostic testing, treatments and vaccine [fr]

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis. It calls for a large-scale international response to address its health, economic and social consequences all over the world.

At France and its partners’ initiative and determined todevelop a swift and effective multilateral response, the United Nations launched on 24 April 2020 a call for joint action, that is an unprecedented collaboration between all stakeholders (States, regional and international organizations, public and private actors, research, development banks, civil society) to accelerate the development of and access to treatments, diagnostic testing and vaccines, including in the poorest countries, in order to combat COVID-19.

The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the international response, through a coordinated and comprehensive action, focusing on efficiency and equity.

It includesthe research, production and distribution of health products and is based on 4 pillars:

- Diagnostics testing;
- Treatments;
- Vaccines;
- Support for health systems in the most fragile countries.

The objectives of the initiative are thus to :

1. Accelerate the development and production of diagnostic testing, treatment and vaccine options.

2. Guarantee safe, fair, universal access to diagnostic testing, treatments and vaccines. A comprehensive approach must be built now to ensure that no one is left behind and to implement a just, transparent, fair, effective and swift international response.

3. Shore up healthcare systems to combat Covid-19 and continue the fight against other diseases. The Covid-19 pandemic has a very heavy impact on the most vulnerable people worldwide. Strengthening healthcare systems on a global level is vital to helping countries combat the pandemic, ensure their healthcare systems are not overwhelmed by the crisis, and preserve the progress achieved in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros and French President Emmanuel Macron will lead this initiative, alongside European and international partners.

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Dernière modification : 25/04/2020

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