25 October 2016 - Promoting women at the UN is not a marketing operation

Women and Peace and Security / Syria / Mosul - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 25 October 2016

Q: Are you in favor of extending the JIM for France presenting the resolution?

If we are in favor, the answer is yes.

But just one thing because we will go for a very important debate on Women and Peace and Security and I want you to know that this is a top priority for France to push for the agenda and to make sure that, deep within the mechanisms and the DNA of the UN and the way it works on a daily basis, this agenda on Women and Peace and Security is really implemented. So it’s not about marketing, it’s not about making a show, it’s about a deep, long-term commitment of my country.

On Syria, because it was the sense of your question, I believe the first thing to say is that the situation in Aleppo, after the hope of the truce, is again deteriorating as we speak. So our policy is still, and I would say even more than ever, to maximize political pressure on Damascus and its allies. That’s what we do and that’s what we want to continue doing - again, more than ever. We don’t buy the alibi of the fight against terrorism. Let’s be clear about it. The siege of Aleppo feeds radicalization and terrorism, it’s a gift to the terrorists. And while the campaign to liberate Mosul is underway, the Security Council should unite in the fight against terrorism. You remember, it was one of my key messages after the attacks on Paris on November 13th last year, and we see the opposite. It’s unacceptable. And again make no mistake about it, the siege of Aleppo is feeding terrorism. Who suffers from terrorism? Many countries in the world, France included. So, it’s a national security priority for us.

Number three, with respect to the JIM, the report is a very important report, very clear about the responsibilities of the regime in particular, absolutely no doubt about it. So against this backdrop, there are two things we are going to do. Number one we call for the renewal of the JIM before its mandate expires on October 31st. Number two, we also call for a resolution of the Council to sanction the authors of those crimes. When the proliferation but also the use of weapons of mass destruction are at stake, weakness and impunity are simply not an option. And here again, this is like for the fight against terrorism, the traditional divisions within the Security Council, when it’s about the fight against proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, should not be an option either. So that’s why we’ll continue to keep trying to unite the Council. The Security Council should unite when the essentials are at stake, when the proliferation and the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations are at stake. The fact that the Security Council is not able to unite would be a shame.

Q: Ambassador, on the renewal of the JIM, how long should it be renewed for? And will you do that by a resolution or a letter like last time?

What we had in mind is a resolution, we are open, the importance is the substance of course. But we think a resolution would be appropriate at this stage. Few days ago we had one year in mind but we are open with respect to the timing.

Q: And will you keep the renewal separate from a resolution to maybe impose sanctions on those responsible?

In our views, yes.

Q: Would it be two resolutions?

Yes, we think that there must be ideally two separate resolutions.

Q: Ambassador, you talked about the unity of the Council with regards to what’s going on in Mosul. Do you think there should be a statement by the Council to support all the operations in Mosul given it’s the biggest operation by now?

Why not, that would make sense. It’s difficult for me to specifically respond to your question. But everything that may underscore the unity of the Council with respect to the fight against terrorism is important. Don’t forget that in our views, what is very important is Mosul but also Raqqa, where Daesh planned the attacks against Europe and Paris in particular, Raqqa is also a priority, at the same level as Mosul in our views.

Q: Another pressing issue with the Mosul is the tension between Turkey and Iraq is higher than ever. Turkey just threatened a ground offensive in Iraq just about a couple hours ago. We haven’t heard anything from the Council, do you think there should be any discussion?

We appreciate every effort and also the American effort to try to calm down these tensions you’re referring to.

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