Protection of Human Rights [fr]

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Human rights are among the founding values of the French Republic. Respect for human rights is central to the functioning of democracy in France and to the country’s involvement in international organizations.

Human rights are inalienable to all human beings, whatever their nationality, wherever they live and whatever their gender, ethnic or national origin, colour, religion, language or any other condition, and France is committed to fighting all human rights violations wherever they are committed.

At the UN, France is very active in the different bodies where the subject is discussed: the Security Council, the General Assembly, and the Human Rights Council (of which France is a member elected for the 2014-2016 mandate), but also at the Economic and Social Council (Commission on the Status of Women).

France is particularly engaged in the fight against the recruitment of child soldiers, forced disappearances, respect for women’s rights and the fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

France is also fully mobilized in the fight to abolish the death penalty. In New York, it promotes the adoption of a General Assembly resolution calling for the establishment of a universal moratorium on the death penalty, and it takes every opportunity to urge all states applying the death penalty to abolish it.

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