4 March 2015 - Security Council concerned at the deteriorating situation in Libya [fr]

Remarks to the press by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, as President of the Security Council - Libya 4 March 2015

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Les membres du Conseil de Sécurité viennent donc d’entendre le Représentant spécial du Secrétaire général pour la Libye, M. Bernardino León, qui a rendu compte au Conseil des progrès de sa médiation et de l’évolution de la situation en Libye, avec le Représentant permanent de la Malaisie, l’Ambassadeur Hussein, qui a présenté l’activité récente du Comité de sanctions sur la Libye puisqu’il le préside.

M. Leon a rappelé l’importance des discussions qui vont s’ouvrir demain à Rabat avec la participation des parties libyennes.

Nous avons exprimé notre inquiétude face à la dégradation importante de la situation en Libye, le vide politique et sécuritaire profite avant tout aux terroristes et nous avons reconnu ensemble l’urgence de définir une réponse adéquate à la menace terroriste.

Nous avons réaffirmé notre plein soutien aux efforts de Bernardino León.


The members of the Security Council just heard a briefing of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, M. Bernardino Leon, who presented to the Council the results and progress of his mediation and the evolution of the situation in Libya.

M. Leon underlined the importance of the upcoming discussions tomorrow in Rabat, Morocco, with the participation of the Libyan parties. This is obviously an important thing.

We expressed our concerns at the deteriorating situation in Libya. The political and security vacuum benefits first and foremost to the terrorists.

We agreed on the urgency to elaborate an appropriate response to this terrorist threat.

We welcomed all parties in the dialogue which must lead to the formation of a national unity government to reestablish a sustainable security and stability in Libya and to confront the terrorist threat.

We reaffirmed our full support to the efforts of Bernardino Leon.


Q: You are discussing to renew the UN mandate in Libya. When do you expect to vote this draft resolution? Why is it going to be for one month only? Could you please explain, are you waiting from something from Bernardino Leon? Is it going to be also about the strategic review that you received from the Secretary-General?

We had an in-depth briefing followed by consultations with Mr. Leon on the situation in Libya at a very critical moment of his mediation since as we speak actually he is going to Morocco, Rabat, for this critically important step hopefully toward the national unity government that we all are in favor of.

If I understand your question well, in term of timeline, Mr. Leon did not mention any particular deadline, but he said that he did not intend the discussions to go on forever. It is absolutely clear in his mind simply because Libya cannot afford to wait a unity government any longer.

Q: The Libyan ambassador raised the issue of military purchases, linked to the air force and seeking an exemption on the arms embargo. Did the Council discuss that? Are there any prospect for these arms deliveries or is it all linked to creation of unity government?

This request from the Libyan government was introduced very recently, early this week if I’m not mistaken. As the President of the Council, I am not in position to comment on the members’ position on this.
What I can tell you in my national capacity is that we sent this request to Paris and it is under examination.

Q: To follow up on the question, the Libyan Foreign Minister, the Ambassador asked repeatedly now for the embargo to be lifted against the authority so they can fight against terrorism. Is there any appetite at all in the Council for that to happen?

I would say that there is a strong appetite in the Council to support Bernardino Leon and to work day after day toward the formation of a national unity government, that would be, in our united views, not only the best way to push for the stability of the country but also the best way to fight against all kind of terrorism in the country.

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