10 March 2016 - Sexual abuse no longer possible in peacekeeping operations

SEA- Remarks to the press made by M. Alexis Lamek, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 10th march 2016

The fact that we are holding this meeting conveys a very powerful message : the fact that sexual exploitation and abuse will no longer be possible in peacekeeping operations and that accountability will be enforced. We believe that it is very important and it will help break the silence and reverse the stigma from victims towards the perpetrators. That’s a very important moment. As you know we are currently discussing a resolution, negotiations are still ongoing, but this is going to be a very important text. France fully supports it, it’s going to make a difference, it’s going to change the culture and in that sense it’s going to reinforce peacekeeping operations.

Q : When do you think it could be adopted ?

A : As I said negotiations are still ongoing. I hope it can be adopted as quickly as possible. It’s going to be a very important text, a landmark text.

Q : The Russian deputy ambassador said he wants it to be broadened out to include staff, and maybe non UN foreign troops … ?

A : Yes we need to have a large approach, we want this issue to be tackled and all perpetrators of such crimes to be prosecuted. And as far as France is concerned for example, currently as you know, we have an investigation going on. French justice is doing its work and if these grave allegations are confirmed of course, serious sanctions will be taken.

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