South Sudan: security and humanitarian situation remains very worrying

South Sudan - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (Remarks in national capacity) -
17 October 2017

One word on South Sudan before the briefing with Jean-Pierre Lacroix on UNMISS:

The security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan remains very worrying to say the least. Just a few figures: almost 2 million people displaced, 2 million refugees and more than 6 million people in food insecurity. Violence continues, we will discuss that during our meeting. In this very dire situation, the first thing that we need to do is to continue bringing our support to UNMISS who contributes, in difficult conditions, to protecting the civilian population. That’s the number one priority. That’s why the Security Council must remain firm towards the Government, but also towards all parties so that they can cooperate with UNMISS. That’s the first priority that we have in this meeting.

The second one is that we also need to bring our full support to IGAD and the African Union to bring all South Sudanese parties together around the 2015 agreement, that remains the cornerstone of the prospect for peace in South Sudan. That’s the second priority. And for that, the revitalization forum is the key element. We must keep the pressure on all South Sudanese actors to engage seriously in this process. That’s what this meeting is all about: support to UNMISS, on one side, with a firm message from the Security Council in this respect. And secondly, the 2015 agreement and the revitalization forum for the respect of which we must keep a strong pressure on all South Sudanese actors.

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