Srebrenica: Reconciliation requires recognition of the genocide - 8 July 2015 [fr]

8 July 2015 - Security Council - Bosnia and Herzegovina / Srebrenica- Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

France deeply regrets Russia’s opposition to the adoption of a draft resolution whose goal was to honour the memory not only of the victims of the genocide in Srebenica, but also that of the innocent victims on all sides during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to recall the Security Council’s special responsibility to prevent such massacres. A subject such as this deserved unanimous support from the Council. But by opposing this draft resolution, Russia has prevented the Security Council from expressing any support for the commemoration and remembrance of the victims of the genocide and the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Under the pretext of ensuring respect for a particular remembrance, Russia has opposed the Security Council’s enjoining the parties to move beyond the suffering of the past and to advance with determination on the path to reconciliation. Reconciliation will require recognition of the genocide committed in Srebrenica 20 years ago, which was defined as such by international courts including the Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Court of Justice.

Justice — and we cannot make this point strongly enough — is the cornerstone of reconciliation and peace. The text, which we backed from the very beginning, had the aim of remembrance, but it was also forward-looking. It was also aimed at assisting in the process of reconciliation among the peoples of the Balkans and helping them forge a future of security and peace. We deeply regret the failure to adopt the draft resolution today, but we will not give up. We must continue to work together for reconciliation and peace. That is the responsibility of us all.

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