Statement by the President of the UN Security Council on South Sudan

The Security Council welcomes the 26 August 2015 signature by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on the “Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan” as well as the signatures by SPLM/SPLA-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Former Detainees representative Mr. Pagan Amum Okiech on 17 August 2015, and joined by other stakeholders, and recognizes these signatures as a commitment by the parties to implement the Agreement, as contained in the annex to S/2015/654. The Security Council expresses its concern with any statement by any party suggesting a lack of commitment to implement the Agreement, as contained exclusively in the annex to S/2015/654.

The Security Council expresses its deep appreciation for the work of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in leading the mediation since the onset of the crisis, and commends the recently expanded efforts of the “IGAD-Plus” configuration involving nineteen nations and organizations including the United Nations and friends of South Sudan from Africa and abroad, to develop and achieve a comprehensive solution that has now established a foundation to deliver a peace to South Sudan. The Security Council urges the continued close engagement of IGAD and IGAD-Plus partners in the critical period ahead.

The Security Council acknowledges that this Agreement is the first step in reversing the difficult political and economic situation, and humanitarian, and security catastrophe resulting from this crisis, calls upon the parties, with support from the United Nations and international community, to fully implement the Agreement and reaffirms its unwavering support of the people of South Sudan.

The Security Council calls upon the parties to adhere to the permanent ceasefire immediately, confirms its intention to move swiftly to update the mandate of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to support implementation of key tasks in the Agreement, and expresses its readiness to consider appropriate measures to ensure full implementation of the Agreement, as contained exclusively in the annex to S/2015/654 in full and without exception and address any violations or failures of any party to implement its provisions, including through the imposition of an arms embargo and additional targeted sanctions.

The Security Council notes the African Union Peace and Security Council’s 24 August 2015 Press Statement warning that all those undermining the lasting resolution of the conflict, including implementation of the Agreement, would be held accountable for their actions.

The Security Council underscores the pressing need to ensure accountability for serious violations and abuses of human rights and serious violations of international humanitarian law. The Security Council takes note in this regard of Chapter V of the Agreement. The Security Council further recognizes the work of the African Union Commission of Inquiry in independent and public human rights monitoring, investigation and reporting, and anticipates with interest its findings and recommendations and encourages the public release of the final report as soon as possible on South Sudan.

The Security Council renews its deep appreciation for the courageous actions taken by UNMISS personnel and troop- and police-contributing countries to protect hundreds of thousands of civilians under threat of physical violence and to stabilize the security situation across South Sudan.

Dernière modification : 28/08/2015

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