22 July 2016 - Straw poll - stake in of the Security Council

Ambassador Delattre:
This is a very important step. The selection of the SG has been from time to time compared to that of the Pope, with the exception that there is no smoke, white or black.
The truth of the matter is that this selection process is critically important to make sure that the process projects and inspires trust, number one, and number two, makes sure that we simply have the best candidate selected to become the world’s number one diplomat.
So, both at the General Assembly and the Security Council, it’s about inspiring and projecting trust and making sure that the community of nations recognizes itself in the future Secretary General.

Q: What qualities are you looking for besides someone who can garner trust?
A: You know the qualities that we put forward in terms of leadership and diplomatic skills, in terms of management skills, of course, and in terms of multilingualism, that we consider very important.

Q: Will France veto a candidate that does not speak French?
A: We work in the best possible spirit within the Security Council.

You know the Security Council had the chance to meet informally with all 12 candidates, at their request, in what I would call very fruitful and useful meetings. The candidates also had many other opportunities to present their priorities and main objectives in other fora, including the very useful informal dialogues organized by the PGA.
As you know, I’m not in a position to discuss our national position here, but it’s important to remember what is at stake here in the selection of the world’s number one diplomat.

In today’s multipolar world, the role of the UN is more important than ever, as the only truly inclusive and universal organization in the world. Our next SG will need to have the skills, decisiveness and vision to lead the organization in these testing, challenging, troubled times. And our goal remains that the Security Council makes its recommendation to the GA in the fall so that the GA can appoint the next SG in due time in order for him or her to get ready for the job.

Q: How have terrorist attacks affected France’s view on who is the next candidate for SG?
A: I think these are two separate issues. On this issue, France’s resolve has only been strengthened by the attacks in Nice. Our determination is total, absolute. We will prevail together against terrorism and to prevail means, number one, to destroy terrorism, ultimately, and number two, to remain true to the values that the terrorists want to destroy. And we will remain the same.

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