Establishing circumstances and responsibilities of the use of chemical weapons is imperative

Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
Remarks in national capacity
6 March 2019

Just a few words in my national capacity before the consultations that we are about to have on the chemical dossier in Syria. Maybe one or two very brief remarks about it:

The first is to underscore the importance of these consultations and the first message I will pass on to my colleagues at the beginning of the meeting is that it’s not about scoring political points here, it’s not about playing tactical games, today is really about fighting together against the risk of use and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. And this is at the very core of our responsibilities at the Security Council. I think it is very important to say it time and again, even publicly today, to make sure that the members of the Security Council, beyond their differences that we all know about, are ready to assume what is at the heart of their responsibilities.

Number two, on the substance of things, as you all know it is not an easy issue, but we really hope for substantive and interactive exchanges following the presentation by Izumi Nakamitsu. Establishing the circumstances and the responsibilities of the use of chemical weapons is absolutely imperative to fight impunity. This is the case in Douma in particular, after the release of the OPCW report. Perpetrators of such horrendous actions need to be identified and face the consequences of their actions, and the OPCW investigation and attribution mechanisms, whose work is crucial, need therefore our full and collective support.
This is the strong commitment that I want to reiterate today, again in my national capacity, and that I will of course reiterate in front of my colleagues.

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