Syria: France, UK, US present new draft resolution

Syria - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations -12 April 2017

Just a few words on Syria – three points actually.

Number one, as you know France, the US and the UK circulated a new draft resolution on the chemical attack in Khan Cheikhoun. It has been put in blue and we plan to go for a vote soon and this afternoon if we can.
We have engaged as you know into negotiations in good faith and I believe it is a good text.
It is a balanced and meaningful text, with simple but very clear objectives: to condemn the use of chemical weapons; to state that perpetrators must be identified and held accountable; we will not let the Syrian regime evade its obligations to cooperate with existing investigation mechanisms.

For many months as you know, France and its partners have sought to unite the Security Council on this much crucial issue of chemical weapons in Syria.
The lack of consensus that we faced a few weeks ago gave a clear signal of impunity that we cannot tolerate.
Today we are yet at another moment of truth. The attack in Khan Cheikhoun calls for a firm and united reaction of the Council.
We simply cannot accept the normalization of the use of chemical weapons.
The Security Council, if we believe in the role of the Security Council, must speak loud and clear to say it doesn’t accept the unacceptable.
There must be a full investigation so that the entire world knows how these ignoble chemical attacks occurred and confirm where they came from.

Second point, the developments of the last days are a potential game changer because they have proved to the world that there is no solution with Bachar Al-Assad, that Syria has no future with Bachar Al-Assad. Also because a reengagement and a new commitment of the American administration to a solution in Syria is particularly important, today more than ever.

Against this backdrop, the number one priority is to give a decisive impetus to the political negotiations and to accelerate efforts towards a political transition.
There is an opportunity today, we must seize this opportunity and waste no time. We fully support Staffan de Mistura’s efforts. He will brief the Council this morning. It is as urgent as ever to pursue the political process and engage into discussions based on resolution 2254 and the Geneva communiqué. We must for that engage all partners, and especially Russia, into negotiations in good faith.

Q: What is the opportunity? What do you mean? Can you explain?

Of course. I said that the developments of the last days were a potential game changer, I tried to explain why, because they demonstrate that there is no future of Syria with Bachar, because there is a beginning of a reengagement, a new commitment of the American administration to a political solution in Syria. And against this backdrop, we believe there is a moment. There is a moment of truth. There is a new opportunity that we have to seize immediately to give a decisive impetus to the political process in Syria and for a political transition in particular. That’s why these consultations are so important.

Q: Do you think this opportunity was created by the US airstrike?

That’s obviously an important element in the development of the last days.

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