26 February 2016 - Syria: "We remain very vigilant regarding the agreement" [fr]

Syria - Remarks to the press made by M. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 26 february 2016

Today, the alternative is clear, without any ambiguity: it’s diplomacy or more war. This is why we must all support the cessation of hostilities agreement.

But diplomacy must have a real impact on and for the Syrian people. This agreement should not be another smokescreen allowing some to crush the Syrian civilians and the opposition in all impunity.

Number two, based on all this we will remain extremely vigilant on the implementation of the agreement and with respect to the Vienna and Munich communiqués also, and with respect to the resolution 2254. Just a few examples on where we will be extremely vigilant :
- the cessation of hostilities must be closely monitored by the Task Force of the International Support Group, this is very important;
- only the groups that are explicitly designated by the UN should be military targeted, this is obviously extremely important;
- a safe and unhindered humanitarian access must be ensured.

These are the basis for any meaningful, credible resumption of the negotiations in Geneva. And based on all this we will remain as I said very vigilant with our partners, both at the Security Council and the ISSG to find and to move towards a political solution in Syria.

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