Syria: combats and violence continue in the country

Syria; DPRK - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations 22 may 2017

Just two quick words, the first one on Syria. The assessment of the situation is clear: combats and violence continue in the country, especially in the areas of Hama, Deera, the suburbs of Damas; the humanitarian situation is still blocked by the Syrian regime. The three guarantors of the Astana agreement need to do more, actually much more, to make sure that the cease fire is implemented and that the humanitarian aid goes through. We also need a strong, credible monitoring mechanism with a large participation of the international community, and sanctions in case of violations, to make sure that the de-escalation zones are properly implemented. This is a key requirement from France.

We fully support Staffan de Mistura’s efforts. The last weeks have also confirmed the responsibilities of the Syrian regime in the Khan Sheikoun chemical attacks and the Sednaya jails horrors. So what we need today in our views, is both much more pressure from Russia on the regime across the board and also more political engagement from the United States. These are two requirements in our views for a solution in Syria in a context where the Europeans and others are mobilized.

One thing on DPRK, before running out of time. We welcome the urgent meeting that our American and Japanese colleagues have called after the missile test yesterday. This is another unacceptable provocation from DPRK. France’s position is clear: we call for a swift and firm reaction from the Security Council. In our views, the growing provocations by the North-Korean regime must be matched with increased firmness by the Security Council. That’s why we hope the Security Council will be able to move ahead in terms of better implementing the existing sanctions on one side but also in terms of tightening the sanctions on the other side. We need to move ahead on both accounts.

Q: do you think there might be a new resolution to be discussed tomorrow, on North Korea?

I do not want to speak for the American pen here. We need a strong and firm reaction as soon as possible. That is the first thing. And the second thing is, yes, a strong resolution that is being negotiated as we speak.

Q: Mr. Ambassador, what exactly do you want Americans to do in terms of Syria and what are you going to ask Staffan de Mistura today?

We fully support Staffan de Mistura’s efforts, we think he is doing a very good job so our support is 200%. The conditions for success, as I said, are number one to make sure that the Syrian regime respects its obligations in terms of a ceasefire and in terms of the humanitarian aid going through. For that, as I said, we need stronger pressure from Russia and a strong and credible monitoring mechanism, that is really a key condition to success. The second thing that we need is a strong political reengagement of all parties and to start with by the United States.

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