The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly [fr]

In September 2018 the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly is taking place in New York. This important international event will gather worldwide leaders during the High-Level week, from 24 to 28 September.

For the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations, this 2018 event is crucial: it will allow France to reaffirm its commitment to a strong multilateralism, as well as its commitment to international security, education, environment and the fight against climate change.

The President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, will take part in this worldwide event. The Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, will accompany him on this journey, along with other Ministers and government officials.

This year, the UN General Assembly Debate will focus on “Making the UN an organization for all: a global force based on shared responsibilities, for pacific, fair and sustainable societies”.
To this end, the 73rd session of the General Assembly will allow countries around the world to bring up major international crisis and global issues, such as the protection of the environment and the fight against terrorism.

During the High-Level week, the Heads of States and governments will be invited to speak before the 193 member States of the UN during the General Assembly Debate. All statements will be live broadcast on UN TV.

As a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council and as a responsible and committed State, France plays a central role on several key topics. France is strongly committed on matters related to peace and international security, in New York at the United Nations Headquarters, but also on the ground, everywhere in the world.

France especially advocates for a multilateral vision of the world.

Multilateralism is the key point of our foreign policy. Our priorities (the fight against terrorism, the protection of the environment, respect of human rights) on the international scene and in the framework of the United Nations aim at fighting against the sources of insecurity and instability. They ultimately aim at building a global, fair and sustainable peace.
Likewise, our action for climate change testifies of French commitment for the planet and for multilateralism.

In addition to his speech at the UN General Assembly, the French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, will take part in several high-level meetings on top-priority topics for France and the United Nations. In particular, the French President will take part in events related to Peacekeeping Operations (A4P), Girls’ Education on 25 September, and Climate Change (One Planet Summit) on 26 September.

The United Nations system is a unique platform to collectively deal with global challenges. This 73rd session of the General Assembly will be the opportunity to reiterate France’s support to the United Nations and to multilateralism, to reaffirm our commitment in crisis resolution, but also to show that our promises are kept.

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