The Colombian peace process is a true success story

Colombia/ North Korea- Remarks to the press by François Delattre,
Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Monday 10 July 2017

The resolution we are about to vote, after the completion of the laying down of arms of the FARC on June 27, is a major step towards a lasting peace in Colombia. The new UN Mission that is being set up at the request of the parties will contribute to make sure that the peace agreement is respected and fully implemented. So this is very important.

There are still challenges ahead but the UN and the Security Council in particular are fully playing their role in accompanying Colombia in this very important journey. The first Mission deployed has already made a real difference on the ground and I want to commend SRSG Arnault and his team for the superb job they are doing. Their record and the fact that we are now setting up a new Mission show that the UN has been able to answer the call and get the trust of the parties. This is a sign of encouragement for the Security Council as a whole.

On our side, France will continue to help Colombia on this path, with a very important package of aid and loans of around 820 million euros. So, huge effort on the bilateral basis from France to support the peace agreement and its implementation.

So the Colombian peace process is a true success story, for the country of course first and formost, but also for the UN and for the Security Council. Now the goal is to win and entrench a lasting peace. And for that, the international community, the UN, must continue to be at the side of Columbia.

Q: Ambassador, how are the discussions going on DPRK and new sanctions?

We are working on it. The discussions during the G20 in Hamburg were important also in this respect. It is a bit difficult for me to tell you when but we are working on it.

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