The G5 Sahel needs stronger support from the UN

Remarks to the press by Nicolas de Rivière, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
15 January 2020

We will be meeting this morning on the Sahel. As you all know, President Macron held a Summit in Pau on Monday with the leaders of the G5 Sahel, the UN Secretary-General, as well as the African Union and the European Union. It was a success : the participants recommitted to the fight against terrorism. It was also a demonstration of unity. In Pau, the G5 and France decided to set up a “Coalition for the Sahel” to raise capacities to fight against terrorism.

Number two, as far as Mali is concerned, and we will discuss Mali now in the room, there is progress on the political track. The Malian authorities launched a national inclusive dialogue. It’s a progress. We still need to implement the Algiers Agreement from 2015, and this is what we are asking for.

And last but not leat, we have this discussion on MINUSMA that remains a very important tool for us. So we will continue to lead and to support MINUSMA.

Q : Ambassador, you’ve talked about the G5 Sahel force and its lack of ability and founding. Is there something more the UN should do to try to give it what it needs ?

We have always asked for UN support to the G5 Sahel and we will continue to do so. This is what France has been pushing for in the last 2 years. So what we are trying to achieve is to provide a more sustainable support and funding from the UN and from MINUSMA to the G5.

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