The Paris conference: a step towards the two-State solution

Middle East Peace initiative - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 17 January 2017

Today’s meeting is both important and very timely, 2 days after the conference hosted in Paris on the peace process. I’m not going to go into the details of it since I will speak in a minute. But I wanted to stress to you the 3 key priorities of the Paris conference that are reflected in the joint declaration adopted on Sunday and that, I believe, will be at the heart of our debate in a minute:

1) The first goal of the conference was to bring back the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the international agenda, as a key priority. It was very important because we collectively believe that the two-state solution is threatened on the ground as well as in the minds and hearts and that this unresolved conflict has wide consequences in the whole region, including for the security of Israel that we are very attached to.

2) The second priority, also reflected in the Paris communiqué, was to allow the international community to reaffirm its shared vision of the two-state solution, meaning also to call again for the halt of the settlements policy and to condemn all violence against civilians, including acts of terror. The very large participation of more than 70 countries and international organizations in the Paris conference speaks for itself.

3) The third objective was to propose a package of positive incentives so that the 2 parties see a clear interest in getting back to the negotiating table. Not to impose a solution of course, it was never envisaged, but to encourage the parties to go back to peace. And we believe that both parties, the Palestinians but also the Israelis, have a key interest in peace, and therefore in coming back to the negotiating table.

In our views, the Paris conference and the Paris communiqué are a necessary and an important step towards what I was just referring to: the two-State solution that remains more than ever the compass of the international community and of the UN.

Q: Are you looking for a follow up to resolution 2334 along the lines of setting parameters and a closed timetable?

What we have decided in Paris, and it is also part of the joint declaration, is to meet again before the end of the year in order to make sure that this important and necessary step I was referring to will lead to a momentum, a positive dynamic. This is our goal. We hope the Paris conference will be an important step in that direction.

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