The Peace Process initiative has a large support within the Security Council

Fight against terrorism / Middle East Peace Process- Remarks to the press by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 8 June 2016

We will have a briefing and consultations on terrorism, and the fight against Daesh in particular. It is a key priority for France and I will always remember the resolution we passed unanimously on November 20th, one week after the second wave of attacks against Paris. So it is very important for us.

And then, at the request of several of my colleagues of the Security Council, I will brief the Council on the results of the Paris conference that took place on June 3rd on the Middle East peace process. I believe this request says a lot about the strong interest within the Security Council in the initiative as it says a lot about the large support that this initiative has within the Council.

These are the two meetings that we will have during this afternoon.

Q: In terms of the peace process, what are you going to tell the Council? What are the next steps? When are you expecting the Quartet report?

R: It is at the request of several of my colleagues and I will tell them the results of the Paris conference : who participated, the very large participation in the meeting and the great quality of the attendance; I will tell them about the strong mobilization of all the participants to reaffirm the Two-State solution, which is more than ever our common compass; I will also tell them about the package of incentives that we will work on together, it is a collective effort here to try to put the Peace Process back on the right track and to create the conditions for relaunching the peace negotiations. So the package of incentives is important in this respect.

The report by the Quartet – and we have always said it – is very important in this respect, with the perspective of an international conference with the parties before the end of the year.

So I will tell them about all this, again at their request and I think it is important to answer this request.

Q: On counter-terrorism, do you expect discussions about possible eminent, according to the commanders, of operations by the coalition?
On Iraq there are a lot of talks that it could start at any moment, which is the biggest operation by the coalition.

A: On the first part of this afternoon, the idea is indeed to compare notes, to exchange information in the fight against terrorism and Daesh in particular, and to kind of check that we are on the same page. I was referring to the resolution adopted at the end of last year on November 20th illustrating the strong mobilization and unity of the international community in the Security Council in the fight against Daesh. I think we need to continue this way, pursue this path and to show unity against Daesh. It’s true in Iraq, in Syria but also you remember the discussion we had the other day on Libya.

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