13 July 2016 - The Quartet Report, an important milestone for the Middle East Peace Process

Statement to the press by M. François Delattre, Permanent representative of France to the United Nations
13 July 2016

Will there be a reaction of the Council after the report of the Quartet ?

We think it’s important that the Security Council reacts properly after the report of the Quartet which is an important milestone, completely complementary with the French initiative on the Mid-East peace process. So yes we hope there will be a PRST. The sooner the better.

On South Sudan, has the US circulated anything yet ? What’s the next step ?

You remember the three keywords that I used yesterday. I think they remain more than ever our roadmap. The first is pressure, urging the parties to commit themselves to the peace process. In this respect, the cease-fire that was concluded yesterday can be important and we call for the full and immediate implementation of this cease-fire. But more broadly, we want to urge the parties again to be completely committed, which they have not been until now, to the peace process. The second key word is accountability, and here those who are committed to crimes and violence but also those who are engaged to try to kill the peace process, so to speak, must be held accountable. That’s a very important point that I made the other day at the Security Council and that is reflected in the press statement that we made.
And the third keyword is support, support to UNMISS and commitment of the international community. And in this respect, as you know, France favors the arms embargo.

Ambassador, time for an arms embargo in South Sudan?

We are in favor of the arms embargo, no doubt.

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