The Security Council is mobilized for a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing [fr]

Adoption of resolution on Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty - Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 23 September 2016

France welcomes the adoption today of resolution 2310 (2016), which we co-sponsored, and thanks the United States for having sponsored it as well.

The resolution urges all States that have not done so to sign and ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) to ensure its entry into force as soon as possible. It reaffirms the importance of nuclear-testing moratoriums and urges all States to refrain from conducting any type of nuclear explosion.

The CTBT is an essential step in the gradual implementation of the nuclear-disarmament process, and its entry into force is France’s foremost priority in this area. The CTBT and national moratoriums are fundamental instruments for nuclear non-proliferation and international security. Its importance is all the clearer in the context of the serious and repeated acts committed by North Korea, which carried out a fifth nuclear test earlier this month. France and the Security Council condemned these provocations, which are very serious ones, with the utmost firmness.

It is crucial that all States live up to their responsibilities today by heeding our call for the universalization of the CTBT, as set forth in the resolution we have just adopted. This is especially true for those States whose signature and ratification are necessary for the entry into force of the Treaty.

France was among the first States to sign the CTBT, in September 1996, and to ratify it, in 1998. As a responsible nuclear Power, we have taken strong and exemplary steps, such as the dismantling of our nuclear-testing site in the Pacific Ocean and putting an end to our production of plutonium and uranium for nuclear weapons.

We align ourselves all States members of the Security Council in sending this message of mobilization for a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing. Such a prohibition has become an example of responsible behaviour at the international level. Only one State has conducted nuclear testing in the twenty-first century, and its behaviour is unanimously condemned at every opportunity.

On the twentieth anniversary of the Treaty, France wishes to reiterate its resolute commitment to the entry into force of the CTBT as soon as possible. With this resolution, the responsibility of every State is engaged today more than ever.

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