6 December 2016 - The Security Council must be united

Libya - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 6 December 2016

On Libya, first of all, we continue to support, actually more than ever, Prime Minister Sarraj. As you know, he is facing a range of challenges, in particular a range of militias that want to destabilize him, his government and the political process that is under way in Libya. All these are additional reasons to fully support Mr. Sarraj. That is my message here. And we all need to stay vigilant and united in the current situation.

Number two, the government forces just got a major success in liberating Sirte from Daesh. It is a very important success in the fight against terrorism. On this front, as well as on the stability of Libya, the Security Council and the international community must be united and work together to support the political process in Libya.

And number three, we fully support Martin Kobler’s effort and we will fully support UNSMIL’s renewal next week, preferably for one year.

These are the three messages on Libya that I wanted to pass. These are important consultations with Martin Kobler at a critical time for the country.

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