"The Syrian tragedy is not over."

Syria/ DRC

Remarks to the press by François Delattre,
Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

30 March 2017

Just one word to tell you that we will have important consultations with Stephen O’Brien on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

I think the important message here is that the Syrian tragedy is not over. It continues as we speak. Millions of people are suffering, including from hunger, including from lack of medicine. This is not an acceptable situation.

If we look seriously at things: the ceasefire is not respected and constantly violated, the humanitarian assistance doesn’t go through – with exceptions, but the rule, unfortunately as we speak is that it doesn’t go through. This is not an acceptable situation.

So the meeting that we are about to have is about urging the guarantors of the process to pressure the regime first and foremost to respect the ceasefire and respect the international humanitarian law and make sure that there is a free and unimpeded access of humanitarian assistance.

In so doing, this meeting is also about creating conditions conducive to progress in the political negotiations that have restarted in Geneva and continue as we speak. All is interlinked.

The second thing I want to tell you is that, as we speak, we have an agreement on our draft Resolution with respect to DRC and Monusco. You know it is the outcome of an important negotiation. And so if things go well we will go for a vote tomorrow at noon. And I think it is important for DRC, for MONUSCO and for peacekeeping in general. This is a good agreement.

Q: I have a Syria question then. Can you remind us of the French stance on the future of Assad: should he stay or go?
Of course, my authorities have said time and again that Assad is not and cannot be the future of his country.

Q: What did you make, Ambassador, yesterday, of Nikki Haley’s comments on CFR that the government of DRC was corrupt, that the UN was essentially aiding a corrupt government through MONUSCO?
I have to look carefully at what she said before answering your question.

Q: Do you think the DRC government is corrupt?
Again, I have to look carefully at what she said to answer you accordingly. I only have good things to say about Nikki Haley, whom I’ve known for years, whom I trust and respect. She’s a great partner and colleague and friend at the Council.

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