The UN mission must ease rapid and conclusive peace talks in Colombia [fr]

Resolution 2261 regarding Colombia - Explanation of vote by de Mr François Delattre, Permanent representative of France to the UN - Security Council - 25th January 2016

UN Translation

France welcomes the adoption of resolution 2261 (2016) and the establishment of a United Nations mission tasked with monitoring the implementation of the ceasefire that is awaited in the next few months in Colombia as part of the peace process under way since 2012.

It has been very unusual, in the recent history of the Council, for a country to turn to it asking for assistance in the implementation of a negotiated peace process. The request that was sent to us to that end a few days ago by the President of Colombia, in keeping with the joint request of the parties to the conflict, clearly demonstrates the extent to which the United Nations constitutes a central, legitimate and trustworthy player in the maintenance of international peace and security throughout the world.

The resolution that we have just adopted shows that our Organization and more specifically the Council were able to respond positively to the appeal made to them. France welcomes this and would like to thank the United Kingdom. We cherish the hope that the mission whose establishment has been decided today will constitute a positive element that will promote the early conclusion of peace negotiations, a peace for which the people of Colombia have waited too long.

France lends its full support to the process, which was launched in 2012 under the auspices of the Colombian President. Bilaterally speaking, the French Development Agency in 2015 lent more than $300 million to the Colombian Government to promote the implementation of the agreement on rural development. An additional $200 million should be forthcoming this year. Our country has also lent its experience to Colombia in the field of transitional justice as well as land governance.France also actively contributed to the creation last January of the European Union Trust Fund in support of the Colombian peace process.

The resolution that we have just adopted serves as the beginning of the process that will lead the United Nations to play a decisive role in ensuring the conditions necessary for lasting peace in Colombia. France will remain resolutely mobilized to ensure that this process is a success — for Columbia first and foremost but also for the United Nations.

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