’The agreement in DRC is a breakthrough.’

Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Burundi

Remarks to the press by François Delattre,
Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Wednesday 4 January 2017

We just agreed, the 15 just agreed, on a very important statement, a Presidential Statement, regarding the situation in DRC. And the Council will formally adopt it in the coming hours. As you know, the December 31st agreement in DRC is a real breakthrough. Now our efforts are about implementing this agreement and that’s why the presidential statement that we just agreed on a few minutes ago and that we will adopt formally in the coming hours is so important. This Presidential Statement formally welcomes the signing of this agreement but also encourages its swift and complete implementation. And so long story short, it’s a very important text that I wanted to draw your attention on.

But has Mr Kabila signed it? Last night he hadn’t signed it.

Precisely because what is at stake now is the full and swift implementation of the agreement, precisely because it’s so important, we wanted to bring the weight of the Security Council in support of the agreement very quickly. And that’s why this text drafted by France is so critically important.

But if he hasn’t signed it, how can it be implemented?

Precisely because if the Security Council is fully behind the text, we believe it will be a strong encouragement for every player to implement it.

Ambassador, this is a meeting about Iraq and Mosul. Recently President Hollande was on the front line of the operation during his visit to Iraq. First tell me what you expect will be the outcome of the meeting. And second tell me how France will increase the military assistance for the Iraqi forces.

On the second part of your question, as you know France is deeply committed to help the Iraqis in many ways to retake Mosul. And you’re right to mention the fact that President Hollande, to my knowledge, was the first Head of State to go near Mosul, a few miles away literally, and to Irbid, so it was a very important visit. And what we will hear today is not only about the military but mostly the humanitarian situation in Mosul, which you know has been a concern from the beginning actually. So far, it seems the UN got the adequate funding to operate on the ground and deal with the situation. This is positive, but we of course need to remain not only cautious but committed. And we are. We have taken the humanitarian situation very seriously from day one. We the international community and we France, both. And so the briefing that we will have is important.

Burundi is in the footnotes in the programme this month, Sweden said that it was just a matter of choosing the date. What do you intend to try to do this month as the pen holder on Burundi, given the failure to deploy the police that were agreed on and to implement the resolution?

Against the backdrop that we all know, we are more than ever committed to the full implementation of the resolution that we adopted under French leadership a few weeks ago now. And for us, as I told you, respect of human rights, inclusive political dialogue but also reaffirming the Arusha Agreement as our compass are the key priorities.

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