The fight against Daesh is France’s number one priority

Daesh - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 7 February 2017

This is a very important meeting on the fight against Daesh. As you know, the fight against terrorism and against Daesh in particular is France’s number one priority, and it is obviously a national security priority.

Number two, with respect to the international community and the Security Council, you remember resolution 2249 adopted under French leadership after the Paris attacks in November 2015. This resolution clearly underlined the fact that Daesh represents an unprecedented threat to international peace and security. So it is very important that the Security Council remains mobilized on this issue.

Number three, our collective efforts - and the key word here is “collective” and that’s why resolution 2249 was so important - have produced significant results with important military and financial setbacks for Daesh over the past year. France is fully engaged within the coalition against Daesh. It is actually the second largest contributor to this coalition, in Iraq and in Syria. We helped the Iraqi forces to retake Mosul. The battle to retake Raqqa in Syria is also critical; and you know that it is where the terrorist attacks against France had been planned. So here again, it is a national security priority for my country - directly.

You know the important challenges that remain, they have to do with the attacks “inspired” by Daesh and other terrorist groups that continue to happen also outside of the conflict zones. That was the case in Berlin and Istanbul in December. We also face the critical issue of foreign terrorist fighters leaving the battlefield to come back to their home countries, which is a critical issue that we have to fight against.

Against this backdrop, it is crucial that the international community keep its efforts on all fronts, military, financial and others, so that we get to the eradication of Daesh. And based on that, it is extremely important that the Security Council remains mobilized and frequently assesses the progress and the remaining challenges in the fight against Daesh. That is why this Security Council meeting is very important.

Q: President Trump says that terror attacks around the world such as those in Paris and Nice are not getting proper attention in the media. Do you think that true?

I can’t comment on that, but I think it is very important that this country we are living in fully recognizes the threat of Daesh and the threat of radical groups.

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