The priority of France resolution is to stop the bloodbath in Aleppo

Syria - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 7 October 2016

As we speak Aleppo is still under a barrage of fire. Aleppo is to Syria what Guernica was to the Spanish war: a human tragedy, a black-hole destroying all we believe in, but also the harbinger of many more disasters to come.
This is why the top priority is to stop the bloodbath in Aleppo. This is what the French - and now the Franco-Spanish draft resolution - is all about: to stop the bloodbath in Aleppo.

It has been one week now that we have been negotiating very hard, literally night and day, with the 15 members of the Security Council to try and unite the Council.
After one week of intense negotiations we are close to the moment of truth. And now it is up to the Security Council and its 15 members to take their responsibilities.

Q: Did you accept the Russians proposals and amendments?

We have been negotiating for one week now. We have made every effort to try and unite the Security Council.

Q: What do you think about de Mistura proposal for Al Nusra to leave Aleppo?

We think these are interesting proposals that we need to study carefully but in any case they can only be implemented with the cessation of bombardments in Aleppo.

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