15 Septembre 2016 - The resolution is one of the essential bricks in the wall that is peace in Colombia [fr]

Colombia/Adoption of resolution 2307 - Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 15 September 2016

I thank and welcome you, Sir. Your presence here today demonstrates the importance of this meeting.

France warmly welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2307 (2016), which is a major step and pillar in the establishment of this historic peace in Colombia. It establishes the size, operational aspects and mandate of the United Nations mission created by the Council in order to monitor and verify respect for the ceasefire between the Colombian Government and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), as well as the laying down of arms agreed to last year in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement concluded on 23 June in Havana. The Council’s new resolution, for which we are grateful to the United Kingdom, will enable the mission to begin working to deploy on the ground as soon as possible with the goal of being fully operational as soon as the Agreement enters into force. It concludes an exemplary planning and preparation process in which the United Nations has taken all necessary steps to respond effectively to the joint call by the parties concerned for support in implementing the peace provisions. Once again, France heartily welcomes this outcome.

Adopted only days after the conclusion of the Final Agreement for Ending the Conflict and Building a Stable and Long Lasting Peace between the Colombian Government and FARC, which has paved the way for ending a conflict that has lasted more than 50 years, today’s resolution shows that our Organization as a whole, and the Security Council in particular, has lived up to expectations. It demonstrates once again the degree to which the United Nations is a central, legitimate and trusted actor in the maintenance of international peace and security all over the world.

France would like to once again congratulate President Santos Calderón, who had the courage and foresight to begin negotiations with FARC in 2012, and to acknowledge the role played in the Agreement by the guarantor States, Cuba and Norway, as well as the supporting States, Chile and Venezuela. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that as a nation, France stands in support of the Colombian people on their historic journey towards peace. Besides working on the issue in the Council, we will continue to support the peace process bilaterally, specifically by contributing to funding rural development and demining, and as part of the European Union, which also has an important part to play in implementing the Agreement.

The resolution we have just adopted is one of the final, essential bricks in the wall that is peace in Colombia. It is up to the Colombian people to complete it on the basis of the plebiscite to be held on 2 October. France will continue to work diligently to ensure that the peace process in Colombia succeeds, not only, of course, for Colombia and its people first and foremost, but also for the United Nations.

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