The resolution of the crisis in Haiti can only be achieved through an inclusive national dialogue [fr]




New York, 5 October 2020

Mr. President,

I too thank the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Haiti, Ms. Helen La Lime, for her extremely comprehensive and enlightening presentation.

Mr. President,

Haiti is currently going through a crisis that is above all political. We observe with great concern the continued deterioration of the institutional situation. Indeed, I recall that, due to the lack of elections, the Parliament has not been able to sit since January and the government appointed in March has not been installed. We deplore the fact that all dialogue initiatives have failed over the past two years.

Yet, as we all know, the resolution of this crisis can only be achieved through an inclusive national dialogue among all political forces in the country, including the opposition, civil society and the private sector. This dialogue is essential to ensure the credible and transparent organization of the upcoming elections and the revision of the Constitution, if that is what Haitians indeed want. France urges President Jovenel Moïse to put an end to this deadlock.

This call for political responsibility is all the more necessary since the credibility of the institutions has been deeply undermined in Haiti by cases of corruption. Haitian civil society has for many years demanded transparency in the face of these cases, which destroy the confidence of the population in their institutions. Taking these demands into account is an essential condition for rebuilding trust with the Haitian population. This is why the fight against corruption must be the top priority of the Haitian political class.

Finally, Haitian society has quite legitimate demands in terms of security and respect for human rights that must be heard by the authorities. We strongly condemn the assassination of Maître Dorval, the President of the Port-au-Prince Bar Association, on August 28. This murder is an extremely disturbing symbol of the increasing insecurity since the beginning of the year and of the violence by gangs that are operating with impunity. I am also thinking of the massacres at La Saline and Bel Air, which have given rise to damning reports from the United Nations. Faced with this situation, it is essential that the Haitian State ensure the security of its citizens and guarantee that those responsible for this violence are brought to justice. The Haitian National Police is mobilizing to address the situation; it must be faultless to ensure respect for the rule of law.

In addition, as we know, the Covid 19 pandemic has weighed heavily on an already extremely deteriorated economic, humanitarian and social situation. Millions of Haitians are living in a very precarious situation and this trend is increasing. France and the European Union will continue to mobilize to provide all the humanitarian aid needed to meet the most urgent needs.

Mr. President,

We are all aware that the multidimensional nature of the crisis in Haiti makes its resolution particularly complex. One year after its establishment, the BINUH has mobilized tirelessly, under the leadership of Ms. La Lime, to accompany Haiti. The work that the BINUH is carrying out in support of political dialogue, governance and the strengthening of the rule of law is absolutely essential. It must be continued and the BINUH must be given every means to fully implement its mandate.

Mr. President,

Our Council will continue to maintain full vigilance and to take appropriate measures, particularly if the situation in Haiti should continue to deteriorate. Finally, I wish to reaffirm that France stands more than ever alongside Haiti and the Haitians to meet the challenges of the current crisis and also to build the environment of stability and prosperity to which they quite legitimately aspire.

Thank you.

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