2 November 2016 - The respect of the constitution in DRC is our best guide

Great Lakes / Mosul - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 2 November 2016

These are important consultations on the Great Lakes at a very important time. The situation in the region is tense, in DRC and Burundi in particular, in a pre-election context that we all know. Still the Great Lakes have made a lot of progress over the last years towards peace, towards cooperation and stability. But we are not there yet.

And that’s why the Security Council’s visit to DRC later this month will be a very important exercise of preventive diplomacy. I will as you know co-chair this visit with my colleague from Angola. We want to seize this opportunity to talk to all Congolese stakeholders to ensure that they fully realize the responsibility that they have in preserving peace in their country and show the necessary spirit of compromise and openness in order to prepare for the elections as soon as possible and, this is a key word, in full respect of the constitution. I believe this is our best guide, the full respect of the constitution in DRC. So an important visit.

On Mosul, here again a top priority. Everything that may underscore the unity of the Council, with respect to the fight against terrorism, is important. Mosul should be a case in point. We are extremely alarmed by the allegations that Daesh is using civilian populations as human shields. Everything needs to be done to protect the population and the civilian population in particular.

What’s also important, and this is a strong message from France, is to prepare for what’s next, after the operation is done. This is why we, as France, took the initiative 10 days ago to hold a ministerial meeting on the stabilization of Mosul after the war, to work on the political solution, to build peace.

And on the same topic, don’t forget that in our views, what is very important is Mosul but also Raqqa, in Syria, where Daesh planned the attacks against Europe and against Paris in particular. So Raqqa, this is my message, is also a top priority, at the same level as Mosul in our views.

Q : What’s the goal of the Mosul briefing ? Are you going to try and get a press statement ? Some kind of statement of support ?

Again, in the fight against terrorism, Mosul is today’s priority. And so if the Security Council can demonstrate its unity on this, this is very important. And when we say the unity on this, it is not only on the military campaign to take over Mosul, it is also about the stabilization action that needs to come next, or at the same time. And it’s in our views at the same level about what should come next with respect to Raqqa and to make sure that this city, where again the attacks against Paris and Europe were planned, is next on the list - and quickly, very quickly.

Q : When will you hold this briefing on Mosul ?

It is right after the Great Lakes consultations.

Q : Ambassador, are all the members of the Council on the same page when it comes to Mosul ? Is there a true unity of the Council ?

I hope so. And that’s why these consultations are important : to make sure that we are completely united. Division is not an option on this.

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