Non-proliferation : "weakness is not an option"

North Korea - Remarks to the press by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 6 September 2016

The three ballistic launches carried out by North Korea are:

-  Number one, a clear and unacceptable new violation of the Security Council resolutions, including resolution 2270;
-  Number two, a threat to regional and international peace and security;
-  Number three, a grave challenge to the non-proliferation regime;
-  And number four, they also permanently threaten aircraft and ships operating in the region.

For these reasons, we very much favor a quick and firm reaction by the Security Council to this new provocation, provocation but also reflection of sustained methodic efforts by the regime to develop a nuclear military programme and the ways to deliver the corresponding weapons.

So it is extremely concerning for us, that is why we want a clear, strong and firm reaction by the Security Council. When it comes to non-proliferation, to the risk of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, weakness is not an option.

Q: A statement?

We’ll see.

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