The war in Yemen must end. The only solution to the crisis is political. [fr]



New York, 15 October 2020

Mr. President,

I thank Special Envoy Martin Griffiths and Under-Secretary-General Mark Lowcock for their presentations.

The war in Yemen must end. As we have repeatedly stated, the only solution to the crisis is political.

We therefore call on the parties to the conflict to resume discussions in coordination with the Special Envoy, to whom France reiterates its full support. The parties must agree on the draft declaration proposed by the Special Envoy. They must also work without delay on a comprehensive political solution, allowing the effective participation of women to this process.

The agreement on the exchange of prisoners reached in Montreux at the end of September is a positive step, it now needs to be fully implemented and we welcome the first flights today. It should swiftly by additional confidence-building measures.

In the North, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the Houthi offensive against Marib and the attacks by the Houthis against the Saudi territory.

We are also very concerned about the resumption of clashes in the Hudaydah governorate, in violation of the Stockholm agreements. The pursuit of a military solution will lead nowhere. It will only add to the sufferings of the Yemeni people. This Council therefore reiterates its clear call for a ceasefire in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2532.

In the South, the Riyadh Agreement must be fully and effectively implemented. In particular, it must lead to the swift formation of a new government including representatives from the South of Yemen. The Yemeni parties must show a spirit of compromise during this essential phase.

The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, with worsening food insecurity, the COVID-19 pandemic and also measles and polio epidemics.

We must therefore collectively do everything we can to respond to these growing humanitarian needs.

For this to happen, it is essential that all parties ensure humanitarian access to all those in need.

The protection of civilians, including humanitarian and medical personnel, as well as civilian infrastructures, must also remain a top priority. Respect for international humanitarian law is an obligation for all.

Finally, with regard to the Safer oil tanker, urgent action is needed. We once again call on the Houthis to authorize without delay or preconditions the access of the inspection mission mandated by the United Nations to the oil tanker to which France is contributing financially.

France will remain fully mobilized and committed to obtain peace in Yemen and to enable a regional de-escalation.

Thank you, Mr President.

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