There is no alternative to the two-state solution

Middle East/ G5/Sahel - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Just a few word before rushing to the meeting on the situation in the Middle East. This is an important session with respect to our priorities.

I have 3 key messages with respect to the Middle East peace process:

- Number one, 50 years of occupation, this means that it is time for the international community to re-engage in a resumption of discussions between the parties - and all that goes toward a re-engagement, in our views, is positive from each and every key player.

- Number two, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the longest conflict in the Middle East but it is also the only conflict whose solution is perfectly identified. We all know the parameters of the solution: it is the two-state solution, there is no alternative. France’s position has always been very clear on this point.

- Thirdly, in Gaza, the solution comes with the restoration of the control of the Palestinian government, under the authority of Mahmoud Abbas. This is a very important point.

Here are the three points I wanted to tell you before the very important meeting we are about to have.

Q: Are you expecting a vote this week on the G5/Sahel draft?

Very good progress has been made with respect to our draft resolution on the Security Council support to the G5/Sahel force. We are in the final stage of the negotiations, so we are finalizing our draft resolution in order to get the largest possible support within the Security Council. So, to answer your question, the sooner the better. We are almost there quite franckly, and as I told you yesterday negotiations have been going well and in good spirit. I’m confident that we have an agreement on a good text. The recent events in the region, and in Mali in particular, only confirm that it is urgent to act and that the Security Council brings its full support to the G5/Sahel joint force.

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