31 October 2016 - There is no place for division within the Council

Syria / Yemen - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 31 October 2016

Two things: number one, the Security Council will approve a bit later this morning the renewal of the mandate of the JIM for a two-week renewal. We consider this renewal as a necessary step, but only a first step. As we all know there are more cases of chemical weapons use in Syria. And so it is absolutely critical that the JIM gets later a one-year mandate to continue its investigation. We consider it very important.

Again, on the use of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction in general, there is no place for division within the Council. Weakness and division are simply not an option.

On Yemen, we are deeply worried both by the humanitarian situation and by the attacks against civilians. That’s why we consider that the cessation of hostility and renewal of political negotiations are more important and urgent than ever. And in this respect we fully support Cheikh Ahmed, our Special envoy, whose commitment and tireless efforts are second-to-none. So the Special envoy has our full support and trust.

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