14 June 2016 - Libya: This resolution will contribute to the stability of Libya [fr]

Libya - Explanation of vote By Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, following adoption of UNSC resolution 2292 - Security Council - 14 June 2016

As I did yesterday on behalf of the presidency of the Security Council, I should like here, on behalf of France, to once again express to our American friends and partners our deep condolences and full solidarity during this most difficult time.

France welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2292 (2016), which is the result of the joint initiative of the three members of the European Union on the Security Council, with the United Kingdom as penholder. Following the vote and the statements that have just been made, I believe that there are several salient points.

First, this document addresses primarily an urgent security need. As violations of the arms embargo on Libya are ongoing, fuelling instability in the country and benefiting Da’esh and other terrorist groups, it was imperative that the Security Council establish, as expeditiously as possible, an adequate framework for action providing the international community with real and effective means of implementing the embargo imposed by the Council, without prejudice, of course, to the capacity of the Government of National Accord to request exemptions thereto.

The resolution makes it possible to effectively carry out, on the high seas off the Libyan coast, inspections of vessels suspected of being engaged in arms trafficking. This represents a significant step forward in the implementation of the arms embargo in Libya. It will contribute to the stability of the country and to the security of neighbouring States and of the region as a whole.

stem the flow of weapons to Libya by land and by sea, weapons that, if not authorized by the sanctions committee, represent a violation of the resolutions of the Security Council. It is also imperative that all parties increase their vigilance in this area.

Secondly, the document is well balanced. The Chapter VII authorization under the resolution is carefully set out. It would apply in very specific contexts and does not call into question the law of the sea, whose guiding principle remains the consent of the flag State. The resolution also has as a goal the implementation of the arms embargo, so as to support the Government of National Accord. It also usefully recalls that the Government can be the recipient of legal arms transfers, with a view in particular to strengthening those who, under full Government authority, are combating terrorism.

Thirdly and finally, the document will immediately be followed up with concrete action. As the Council is aware, the European Union, on 23 May, made known its intention to contribute to the strengthening of the arms embargo in Libya by broadening the scope of the mandate of operation Sophia of the European Union military operation in the Southern Central Mediterranean. This commitment on the part of the European Union and the support provided today by the Security Council through the adoption of the resolution bear witness once again to the leading role played by the European Union in the quest for peace and stability in Libya, primarily in the interests of the Libyan people but also with a view to ensuring the security of the countries neighbouring Libya, of the region and of Europe. We deem this a most positive development.

I wish to conclude my statement by emphasizing the success that the adoption of the resolution represents for the Security Council. It makes clear once again our capacity to come together to take the measures necessary so as to effectively ensure international peace and security for a reconciled and unified Libya.

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