Those carrying out bombings in Syria will be held accountable

Remarks to the press by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, Permanent Representative of France to the United nations
19 September 2019

Good morning. I am afraid this will be another very sad day for Syria.

As you all know, the situation in Syria is worse than ever. In Idlib, it’s a real tragedy.

Germany, Belgium and Kuwait propose a reasonable approach promoting more humanitarian access for Syria. I am afraid this approach will not prevail. This is very sad. We will see what is decided today, or not decided today.

For France it’s clear, we support humanitarian access. We want a political settlement, a political solution, in Syria. We will continue to push for that. Those who object to this approach, who object to humanitarian access to Syria, those who are currently carpet-bombing Idlib, will be held accountable. And those who are doing so will have to pay for the reconstruction. We act on the principle you broke it, you own it. So as long as there is no solution both on the humanitarian side and the political side, I think France, Europe and a number of countries will not participate in the reconstruction.

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