UN-African Union: a growing strategic partnership

G5 Sahel force ; UN-AU partnership - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 15 June 2017

Q: Sahel, how are negotiations coming on?

On our draft resolution, we are fully mobilized. As you know, the threat posed by jihadi terrorist groups in the Sahel is real and strong. So we are working hard on this draft resolution because the fight against terrorism remains our top priority and I believe it’s a top priority for all of us here at the Security Council. So the discussions, the negotiations continue.

In terms of timing, we hope to conclude these negotiations as soon as possible. Consultations are continuing but again, we stay fully mobilized on this priority.

I believe, just one thing, the meeting today on the cooperation between the UN and the African Union is very important and very timely. The partnership between the two organizations is really a strategic partnership; its importance is only growing. Our African friends are increasingly and efficiently contributing to the efforts towards security in Africa. The African peace operations have an important added value to UN Peacekeeping operations. So we strongly believe and support this partnership between the UN and African Union. We think it’s not only necessary but it’s the future. It’s the way forward.

I think there is a real trend and collective support from the Security Council to back African peace operations. Our proposal on the G5 Sahel is completely in tune with this positive dynamics and with this strategic goal that we all share. So I think this debate is very timely and will be very useful to continue the discussion on how the UN can bring its support to the African Union when it comes to peace and security in Africa. That’s why I encourage you to follow the coming debate closely. That’s my recommendation of the day.

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