#UNGAMotivation : all ready for the UN General Assembly! [fr]

Elise Servat

Elise has been Election Officer for two years at @FranceONU. Aged 26, she already has a very diverse portfolio, since she deals just as much with issues of reforms, human resources, Francophonie, UN elections and she negotiates in the UN 5th Committee.

"As an election officer, I am in daily contact with other UN Missions. This is an aspect of my work that I particularly enjoy.

For me, the General Assembly is mainly dependent on the elections we have during the year. Last year, Mrs Azoulay was a candidate for the UNESCO Secretary-General position, and we managed to take advantage of the high-level week and her presence here to meet the delegations on this candidature, until her election.

On the Francophonie, the General Assembly is also a time to remember that the Francophonie has a special presence and place at the United Nations. This is really an opportunity to promote the Francophonie widely.


Jean-Baptiste Gibily

Jean-Baptiste has been head of the information systems department at @FranceONU for the past year. He supervises the team responsible for the security and sustainability of all our Mission’s communications.

"This year, for the General Assembly, the key word is: prevention. We spent the year preparing for this event, in addition to the daily activity of our department. Our main challenges are to anticipate, understand, and provide solutions to the needs of diplomacy.

When I arrived here, I learned how immediate reactivity was crucial. You have to be there all the time, on all fronts. Our two main concerns are to ensure that everything works, despite the hazards of the tools, while always keeping in mind the security concern. Our work is therefore to find the best possible balance between those two priorities, and always within a very short time frame.

Within the IT department, we also have a social role! With a team of 80 people relying on us H24, we can’t afford to give up. Immediate and appropriate solutions must be found so that everyone can work in a fluid way. I also like to work on the human being and make it possible for people to develop with their qualities and talents."


Kim Le Pape

Kim Le Pape is doing a Master’s degree in International Security at Sciences Po, and she is now interning at @FranceONU in the Press and Communication Department.

"I had always been very interested in diplomacy and international affairs. I had recently done an internship at the French Embassy in Thailand, but I wanted to see how it was in a multilateral context. As France has a crucial place at the UN, I thought it was worth it.

Here, with the preparation of the General Assembly, I am able to acquire organizational skills and to be more multitasking. During the high-level week, my missions will include journalists escort through the UN building , while posting on social media about what is happening in real time. And of course, I will be able to see from the inside how an "UNGA" is going, one of the most important international events! It is quite intimidating at first sight, but I am determined to contribute to this General Assembly and to be able to say in a few years’ time, looking back: "The United Nations General Assembly, I was there, I contributed to it". And live, without any filters.


Samuel Gourgon

Samuel has been working at @franceonu for the past year as a Security Council expert on African issues. He was previously working in Mali.

“My motivation for the General Assembly? It will be the high-level meeting on the Central African Republic on 27 September, with the President of the Central African Republic, the UN Secretary-General, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, our Minister for Foreign Affairs and many others. The idea is to focus on the peace process in CAR while reflecting on concrete measures to reach a political agreement.

Our main interest is to be able to shed light on what is happening in CAR and to keep the international community’s attention on this country located in the center of Africa. Unfortunately, CAR has experienced many crises and we must absolutely prevent the Central African crisis from becoming commonplace over time in the eyes of the international community.

The General Assembly for me will also be an opportunity to see my former colleagues from Mali!"


Marie-Laure Charrier

Marie-Laure promotes and protects human rights at @franceonu. For this General Assembly, she wishes to gather people through a collective and fundamental freedoms-oriented project. #UNGAMotivation

“I have been working at the human rights and civilians protection department at France ONU for three years. I regularly work on the Security Council agenda, as each crisis involves human rights issues. I defend the French positions and priorities at the General Assembly, so that the resolutions adopted reinforce the States’ legal obligations on human rights.

This year marks an essential and historic meeting: the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration is the backbone of all texts protecting human rights that have since been written. 70 years ago, following a worldwide deflagration that has led to atrocities, mass crimes, and holocaust, Nations were able to agree on this one fundamental text. It’s an amazing feat! Today, to be worthy of this legacy, we need to defend the Declaration, but also to ensure that it evolves according to our current global challenges: digital technology, counter terrorism, environment, migrations, fight against racism, gender and sexual orientation discriminations, etc.

This 70th anniversary should unite countries across the globe. It will show that respect for human rights plays a preventive role, and enables effective contributions to civil society and makes people more confident in their institutions."


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