UNIFIL has a vital role in preserving the balance between Israel and Lebanon

Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
20 March 2018

You know France’s commitment to the stability, independence and integrity of Lebanon and its sovereignty over its entire territory. And you know how active we have been, in particular over the last weeks and the Rome II Conference, to preserve the stability in Lebanon and the region (...) and to strengthen the Lebanese State and its institutions.

My message here today as we are about to examine the Secretary-General’s report on the 1701 is that we believe the SG report reflects a balanced presentation of the latest developments on the ground and is a good step towards the full implementation of resolution 2373, especially with the increasing presence of the Lebanese Armed Forces in Southern Lebanon.

We are convinced that UNIFIL has a vital role in preserving the balance between the parties and in maintaining the relative calm in Southern Lebanon. In this respect, we must ensure that UNIFIL does not become hostage of the tensions between Israel and Lebanon.

This is with that compass in mind that I will participate in the coming consultations.

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