Ukraine: first decision of the Council since 2015

Ukraine/Libya - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 6 June 2018

Let me now say a few words in English to underscore the importance of the two presidential statements that we are about to adopt and that were both proposed by France:

The first one on Ukraine is the result of a Franco-German initiative. You remember, a few days ago, at the Security Council, I took the floor on behalf of France and Germany which is something quite exceptional and maybe even without any precedent regarding a topic of this scope and nature. It says a lot about the importance of the Franco-German friendship, including here at the UN, at a very symbolic moment since we are a few days before the expected election of Germany at the Security Council.

On the substance of things this PRST on Ukraine is particularly important for at least three reasons :

-  Number one, this is the first decision of the Security Council on Ukraine since 2015 and resolution 2202.
-  Number two, for the first time, we get some important language on the humanitarian crisis, which is obviously one of the top priorities - and we have the full-backing of the Security Council on this.
-  Number three, this PRST sends a strong signal for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the importance of the Normandy Format. This is key, as France and Germany are together leading efforts to relaunch a strong momentum in this direction.

The second important PRST is of course on Libya. This text comes a few days after the Paris conference on Libya and the important thing is that it endorses the results of the Paris conference including the calendar for the presidential and legislative elections before the end of the year. So this is for us and for the UN, within the framework of Ghassan Salamé’s efforts, a very important text endorsing again the result of the Paris conference and giving the momentum that we all want for the full implementation of the commitments made in Paris. This is a strong message to all the parties in Libya that yes, the Security Council and the international community are fully united behind the result of the Paris conference and strongly committed to it.

Q : On the JCPOA, your government has asked for the exemption from the US. Could you just talk a little about that and if you don’t get them, is that going to escalate the situation with the aluminum and the steel tariffs as well?

I would not necessarily use these words but for sure we are engaged into discussions with our American friends to get the exemptions that are needed.

Q: How significant is the [inaudible] Russia when along with the Ukraine Presidential statement, after all they have a vested interest in one side?

That is the reason why this presidential statement is important : by definition it has the backing of Russia so it means that on the different topics I was referring to, the importance of the humanitarian issues in particular, the implementation of the Minsk agreement, the Normandy format, we have Russia’s commitment and it can make a world of difference.

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