3 March 2016 - North Korea : Unprecendented sanctions toward North Korea

North Korea - Statement by M. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 3 March 2016

Allow me to begin by thanking Venezuela for its presidency during the month of February and by wishing every success to the presidency of Angola.
I also thank the United States for having presented resolution 2270 (2016), which we have just adopted unanimously.

In carrying out its fourth nuclear test, on 6 January, and a long-range launch using ballistic technology, on 7 February, North Korea once again decided to defy the international community. Those two acts, which are seriously destabilizing in effect and in flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions, not only pose a threat to international and regional peace security, but also defy the non-proliferation regime, which is the backbone of our collective security.It was up to the Security Council to challenge that defiance and act decisively by adopting resolution 2270 (2016). Now it is done.

Our adoption of this resolution significantly strengthens the sanctions regime and represents a turning point in the Council’s approach to the North Korean proliferation crisis. Several elements are worth highlighting :
- First, the resolution decides to put in place unprecedented sanctions against North Korea and sends a united and unambiguous message on the part of the Security Council to Pyongyang, namely, that there is a price to pay for the provocations and the irresponsible and destabilizing headlong rush by the Pyongyang regime.
- Moreover, the sanctions adopted today have targeted goals. They aim, on the one hand, at hindering and putting an end to the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programmes in a concrete manner. On the other hand, the sanctions target the diverted revenue of the North Korean regime to fuel the illicit programmes at the expense of the North Korean people, who continue to suffer under the yoke of totalitarianism.
- Finally, the resolution keeps the door open for dialogue and insists on the need to resume the Six-Party Talks. Our final objective is not sanctions, but rather denuclearization and peace and stability on the peninsula through a negotiated solution.

It is up to North Korea to show in a sincere way and through concrete gestures that it is ready to resume dialogue with a view to giving up its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.
The spiral of provocation leads us to an impasse and offers us no other option than to strengthen sanctions, as a means and not as an end of themselves. Dialogue and negotiations, based on a very firm position, are the only viable option to ensure the full and verifiable denuclearization of the peninsula.

Owing to all of those reasons, France voted for the adoption of this resolution, co-sponsored it along with approximately 50 Member States and will continue to be mobilized to ensure its full implementation.

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