"We are extremely worried about the situation in South Soudan."

Remarks to the press by M. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the UN

South Sudan.
Just a few brief remarks before the Security Council meeting with Hervé Ladsous.

Number one : these are not isolated incidents. It’s not a epiphenomena. And we are extremely worried about the situation in South Soudan. What we see coming is the result of a lack of political will on the side of the parties.

So the first message is pressure and urging the parties to take their responsibilities and to come back to the lack of commitment that we are seeing quite frankly. The primary responsibility for the protection of civilians remains with the transitional government of national unity. So the first key word I would say is pressure or responsibility. Number one.
Number two, the second keyword is accountability. The Security Council must take appropriate measures against those who are behind the violence, which implies that we can identify them of course. So the second key word I would say is accountability.

And the third is support. Support to the MINUSS (UNMISS in English). It’s not about blaming UNMISS, it’s about strongly reaffirming the Council’s support to its action.

Does it seem that Salva Kiir and Riek Machar are in charge of their troops? Do you believe they have the authority? It seems that they were in a meeting together?

That’s a very good question and that’s what the pressures that we are exerting are all about: Making sure that they can assume their responsibilities over their troops or if needed regain it.

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