8 August 2016 - We cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on in Aleppo

Situation in Aleppo - Remarks to the press by Mr. Alexis Lamek, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, chargé d’affaires A.I. - 8 August 2016

We are going to have an important discussion on Aleppo. What we see now in Aleppo is a human tragedy unfolding before our eyes. The regime has shown that it is ready to besiege, to starve, to bomb the city just to reach its political goals. We are speaking about 250,000 people under the threat of incessant attacks and bombing. All this shows that the regime has used cessation of hostilities as a smokescreen just to reach its political goals and to eradicate the opposition and such a cynicism by the regime is just despicable.

The Russians have made a proposal in terms of humanitarian corridors. But this is not what is needed, as long as all this aims at forcing the population to evacuate. I am happy to see that the UN has not been fooled by this proposal.

In any case we cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on at this moment in Aleppo because Aleppo could become the grave of the Vienna political process. During this meeting, we are going to call on the Syrian regime to cease immediately all attacks in Aleppo. And we call on a general cessation of hostility, a cease fire. We call on an unimpeded, full and immediate humanitarian access and of course we also call for the resumption of a political process with a view to finally put it in place a transition, as we decided four years ago in Geneva.

Q: Is there anything the Council should do following the military developments during the weekend?

We are assessing the latest developments on the ground but at least the Council should clearly convey the message to the regime that what is going on in Aleppo is unbearable and has to stop and that it is a direct threat to any chance for a political settlement that we all want, for a political transition that Syria more than ever needs.

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