3 October 2016 - We have only one goal: to stop the martyrdom in Aleppo

Syria - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 3 October 2016

Q: About the resolution, and especially now in light of the US announcement that they are cutting bilateral cooperation with Russia, does the resolution become much more important? I mean is it an alternative?

First of all we’ll see what the impact of the latest developments with respect to the US-Russian bilateral channels will be. Number two, as far as we are concerned, we of course don’t give up, you will not be surprised. We considered that this is our responsibility to do absolutely everything we can, everything humanly possible to try to unite the Security Council behind our efforts to end the martyrdom in Aleppo. Against this backdrop the discussion on our draft resolution is ongoing. As we speak the experts of the 15 members of the Security Council are working on our draft resolution at the French Mission. We have been working during all the weekend, night and day, on it. We are continuing this afternoon. So far, all the Security Council members have been willing to engage into the negotiations.

Again, we have only one goal but this goal is vital: it is to stop the martyrdom in Aleppo. This means implementing the ceasefire, right away, bringing humanitarian aid and monitoring all this. The latest news, with new bombings of another hospital earlier today, are simply unbearable.

Q: Have you seen the Russian amendment? And what do you think?

Discussions are on-going, and we will see what happens. But we continue. And as we speak, we are negotiating.

Q: Are you willing to drop one of the main elements in the draft because obviously Ambassador Churkin say they have a lot of issues on the monitoring mechanism that you proposed. Can you drop elements…?

Again it is a negotiation; it is not up to me to say right away what we are going to do. But we will spare absolutely no effort to get a result and to make sure that this result has some real impact on the ground.

Q: (When?)

In our views, the sooner the better. When we see what is happening in Aleppo right now, every minute counts.

Q: You’re aiming for passage or veto?

If we can unite the Council, as I said before, if there is a narrow path for the Security Council to unite on a strong resolution making sure that the martyrdom in Aleppo stops, that will be our favorite option.

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