"We must consolidate the positive momentum in Libya" [fr]

Libya, Western Sahara - Remarks to the press by M. François Delattre, Permanent representative of France to the United Nations - 7th April 2016

Il existe aujourd’hui un début de dynamique positive en Libye qu’il faut consolider. Nous devons saisir cette opportunité - à certains égards historique - de rétablir la stabilité de la Libye au service de tous les libyens et de mettre ainsi un terme au chaos sur lequel Daech a prospéré. Dans ce contexte, nous soutenons pleinement le gouvernement d’unité nationale, et Monsieur Sarraj dont les efforts mais aussi le courage doivent être salués, ainsi naturellement que les efforts de Martin Kobler.


There is a positive momentum in Libya as we speak and we must move to consolidate and promote this momentum. France is fully behind the presidency council and pays tribute to the personal courage of Mr. Sarraj as well of course as to the efforts of Martin Kobler and his team. Let´s be clear about it, Libya has now the opportunity - to a certain extent, the historic opportunity - to create the conditions for stability, for the benefit of all Libyan people, and roll back the chaos on which Daech has thrived. So against this backdrop, our council must fully support the government of national unity and Martin Kobler. Libyans must know, and this is key actually, that the international community stands behind them and will support them in their quest for stability.

On Western Sahara what´s the order of business ?
Following that there will be an AOB on Western Sahara, it will be an opportunity for the Secretariat -I believe it will be Herve Ladsous - to brief us about the progress and the state of affairs and the perspectives of the dialogue.

Is there any progress?
He will tell us more about it so I will be in a better position to come to you after his briefing, but I believe there is a constructive mood, no doubt.

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