We need a global and quick answer to the migratory crisis - 9 October 2015 [fr]

Migrants- Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 9 October 2015.

(UN translation)

France fully supports and co-sponsored resolution 2240 (2015), which was adopted today as the fruit of close cooperation between the four European members of the Security Council and their other partners in the Council.

The resolution aims to give the member States of the European Union the necessary legal guarantees to enable them to successfully conduct the operations provided for within the framework of phase 2-A of the European Union military operation in the southern Central Mediterranean, Operation Sophia, which has been in place since 7 October and provides for inspection and, where necessary, stop and search on the high seas of vessels and boats used in the trafficking of migrants.

We have made sure that the text precisely defines the circumstances in which the recourse to force would be authorized to combat resistance by traffickers, and have included robust guarantees that protect the rights of migrants and refugees who might be passengers on such vessels.
We consider it more urgent than ever to craft a comprehensive response to the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean and the tragic situations it engenders, with which we are all familiar. The resolution is part of that response; others must follow.

We are convinced that the Council cannot remain silent in the face of the present tragic situation in the Mediterranean.

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