1 April 2016 - Burundi: We need to forge inclusive and genuine dialogue in Burundi [fr]

Adoption of resolution 2279 on Burundi - Explanation of position by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the Unites Nations - Security Council - 1 April 2016

Before we proceed to the voting, I would like to tell you how pleased I am, Mr. President, that we are meeting now to adopt the draft resolution on Burundi contained in document S/2016/301, thus marking the launch of the Chinese presidency of the Security Council, a presidency to which I extend my most heartfelt wishes for success. I would also like to thank all my colleagues and their teams for the constructive discussions that have enabled us to meet here for this important vote.

I would briefly like to recall the objectives of our draft resolution.The draft has five main objectives.

The first, and main, objective of our draft resolution is to back African efforts to bring about an emergence from the crisis in Burundi, efforts undertaken by both the East African Community and the African Union. In backing those efforts, we want to contribute to forging inclusive and genuine dialogue — I will come back to this — among Burundians, and to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

The second objective of this draft resolution is to bolster the United Nations presence in Burundi and strengthen the team of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General, Mr. Jamal Benomar. This is fundamental. We need the United Nations to be more present on the ground and, as the Security Council, we should be able to follow the situation in Burundi closely so that we can be alerted if the situation continues to deteriorate and so that we would be in a position to react in timely fashion to avoid the worst.

The third objective of the draft resolution is to call for the immediate launch of genuine inclusive dialogue between the Burundian Government and all stakeholders committed to a peaceful solution, whether present in their country or not. That is a fundamental message for reconciliation among Burundians.

The fourth objective is to request the Secretary- General to propose to the Security Council options for a United Nations police presence in Burundi, and that within a maximum period of 15 days. The goal in that regard is also to back the efforts of the African Union, which has deployed observers to Burundi.

Finally, the fifth objective is to preserve and consolidate the achievements of the Arusha Agreement by respecting both the letter and spirit of the Agreement.

These peace agreements serve more than ever as a compass that should guide all stakeholders in Burundi and the international community.

I will not go any further. I would just like to stress our collective responsibility. France is convinced that the Security Council must do everything it can to help Burundians to return to the path of peace and reconciliation.

That is our responsibility as the Security Council.

That is our responsibility vis-à-vis the people of Burundi.

That is the thrust of our draft resolution.

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