We need to maximize pressure on North Korea

North Korea - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 28 April 2017

Just one word to tell you that we very much welcome the American initiative of this important meeting on North Korea for two reasons:

Number one, because the threat of the nuclear and ballistic program of DPRK to regional and international peace and security is higher than ever. So the threat is today higher than ever, first reason.

And the second reason is that in this context we need to maximize pressure on DPRK and this is what this meeting is all about. On nonproliferation, which is really the backbone of international peace and security, weakness and division are simply not an option. So again we appreciate this American initiative. And we hope that this meeting will illustrate the Security Council’s firmness and commitment to this priority of North Korea.

Q: Can I ask you about the Secretary of State Tillerson’s remarks yesterday that China is ready to impose its own sanctions? Have you heard the same thing? What do you make of those remarks?

China is definitely a key player on this. And of course, what our Chinese colleagues and friends will say is tremendously important. That’s why it is important to have unity of the Security Council, because the unity of the Council on this in itself is a leverage to maximize pressure on North Korea.

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