Western Sahara: it is time to relaunch negotiations [fr]

Western Sahara – MINURSO - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 25 April 2017

Just a few words on the consultations we are about to have on MINURSO. Three quick messages on this:

The first is that there is a new momentum, a new positive dynamic that is shaping up. Positive actions have taken place that allow us together to feed this momentum, this positive dynamic. But there is one issue we need to solve, and this is Guerguerat. And I am echoing here the call of the Secretary General for a full withdrawal in order to close this chapter and move forward on the political process. So that’s the first message: positive momentum, but the need to solve as quickly as possible the issue of Guerguerat.

Q: You mean full withdrawal of Polisario?


Number two, it is indeed time to look ahead and to relaunch negotiations. That’s what we want. We support in this respect the new positive dynamic that the Secretary General has put forward and we fully support Antonio Guterres’ efforts in this respect.

Regarding MINURSO, number three, we look forward to the renewal of the mission with a vote scheduled for Thursday. We hope the Council will get together in a constructive approach so that we can move forward on this important issue.
So these are three very simple messages, and this is along these lines that I will speak during these consultations with our colleagues.

Q: C’est aussi la position du Conseil en général ce que vous êtes en train d’avancer ici ?

Je crois en effet, sous le contrôle de tous mes collègues, naturellement, que par-delà les différences de sensibilité, il y a aujourd’hui une une vraie dynamique positive au sein du Conseil de sécurité et une vraie convergence, une unité croissante des membres du Conseil autour des lignes que je viens d’esquisser.

Q : Notamment le retrait total de Guerguerat ?

Notamment le soutien à l’appel qu’a lancé le Secrétaire général en ce sens, en effet.

Q : Et donc tout le Conseil est d’accord sur ça, sur un soutien ?

Je vous en dirai plus après ces consultations mais je crois qu’en effet il y a un bon esprit honnêtement au Conseil, il y a des éléments de convergence qui sont de plus en plus marqués, et j’espère que dans ce contexte on pourra aller de l’avant.

Q : What about Human Rights monitoring? Why would it be a bad idea to have this mission have a Human Rights monitoring function? Do you think it would be a bad idea? If not why is it not in it?

That’s a good question. There are several ways to promote Human Rights, which is by definition part of our DNA and part of our priorities. There are various ways to promote Human Rights in the most efficient way. And in our case there are also other ways to do it, it seems to us.

Q : Have you seen the name as the new Ross? Is there a German name in the air?

I do not know (in German).

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